Short list: Resurrection

Been a while since i posted anything

HEXVOID’s New album in 9/03/2014


“Rum Raisin” by ikd-sj


Short List V4

Acttil’s first PS game view

REBORN Kickstarter Campaign

Idea Factory’s US studio established

Survival by Eminem (Explict MV)

Aesthetica of a Rouge Hero English Cast

Ikki Tousen Great Guardians English Cast

The new projects

It’s been a while since I posted anything; so far I am in college, starting a creative production group and still doing story ideas… Here is what I managed to find, I will be back soon.

Berzerk by Eminem (Music video, Explict)

Review for Kikuzankajo Series by ikd-sj (FRENCH, Use translator)

New film from Production IG in the works

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- new trailer

Kojima Productions LA Officially open

Grasshopper Manufacture new game in the works

Project Phoenix Update

Project Phoenix Gameplay

Project Phoenix Soundtrack

New changes for Metal Gear Solid 5

Lasting thoughts

These are dialogues for the main character, Sean Knight, from my upcoming story project, A Madman’s Recall….

Main summary: Sean Knight visit an abandon asylum to put some past issues to rest, however there are “others” waiting to rip him apart within those walls

“Every time someone pisses me off, my mind just go into a blank state. However, I will also a voice inside my head; it keeps telling me to let all of my anger go on the ones who truly deserve it……”

“So, let me get this straight… You want me dead and turn my corpse into SHIIIIIT?!? Yeah, here’s a second option; I BEAT YOU DOWN, DRAG YOUR SKULL ACROSS THE PAVEMENT & BURN YOUR FUCKING ASS TO HELL!!!! Don’t worry, I’ll send a welcoming committee to greet ya!!!”

-Inserts from “A Madman’s Recall”(upcoming story project)

Random Stuff

I am about to graduate, thinking of new story ideas and other stuff is happening

How Anime Is Made- click on the CC button for subtitles

Funimation & Sentai Filmworks might get Bandai Entertainment titles

Cool Fan-made trck for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros

Short List V2

Okay, its been a while so I will have to make this post short & simple.

ikd-sj – Japanese Guerrilla Fundamentalism Blues Music Video

Funimation changes corporate name to Group 1200 Media

PlayStation Creator is new Director of Marvelous AQL

XSEED Games operation changes

Space Pirate Captain Harlock CG Film news

New Game publisher “acttil” in operations

New game “Shadow of the Eternals” from Precurser Games

Ladiorowm – dolf

Silicon Knights might kick the bucket

Namco Bandai Studios start 2 new studios in June